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A tool which enables users to better control the audio output associated with their desktop device

A tool which enables users to better control the audio output associated with their desktop device

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SRS Audio Sandbox is a program that allows you to transform regular audio on basic equipment into an immersive surround sound experience, no matter what type of audio it is or how simple your speakers are.

What You Get with SRS Audio Sandbox

With today's computers, hard drives are becoming larger and more reliable, graphics processors are running better and giving more detailed graphics, but audio speakers remain stuck in ‘90s, unless you specifically purchase a high-end surround sound system. This is where a program like SRS Audio Sandbox can help you experience full surround sound quality on even crappy stock speakers.

At only 7.89 MB in size, SRS Audio Sandbox packs an enormous punch…literally. After the program is installed on your PC and properly set up, the sound is transformed in an incredible fashion. Even a two-speaker computer setup will turn into surround sound, offering deep, rich bass, ear-ringing treble, and a velvety smooth mid-range. The best part of this program is that it works for your audio in general, not just for certain applications. So whether you are playing games online, watching videos, listening to music, or even hearing an annoying “beep” from Windows, it will be in enhanced surround sound.

Different Features of SRS Audio Sandbox

One of the best features of SRS Audio Sandbox is its user-friendly interface. Those who understand audio and graphic equalizer settings can toy with the program to find their perfect pitch. But even if you know nothing about audio and aren’t sure what your speakers can handle, the controls have quite a few different presets you can play around with until you find a sound that’s right for you.

If you have more than two speakers, then you can use the custom settings provided to ensure that each speaker is individually enhanced the way you want it. This boosts the performance of your audio and takes your existing surround sound to a new level.

One feature that SRS Audio Sandbox is lacking, however, is proper support for Windows 7. The program will load and act as if it wants to work, but even the best efforts fall on deaf ears with this audio system. You must have XP or Vista for this program. Though that may change in the near future. The latest version of the software fixed a lot of different bugs, and it might not be long until Windows 7 support is added.

The program isn't free, but the trial version does offer almost everything that the paid version does. So you'll get to see exactly what you’re in store for via the free trial.


  • Any speakers provide legitimate surround sound
  • Program works with all audio on the PC
  • Many different settings to customize the sound
  • Software regularly fixes bugs


  • No Windows 7 or 8 support
  • Some presets are still buggy
  • Will not work with other enhancer programs
  • Lacking on balance filters for two-speaker setups

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

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